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New to California?–DMV-Approved Smog Check Station

It’s the responsibility of all California drivers to maintain vehicles with high emissions standards. An abundance of vehicles putting harmful toxins into the fresh air will soon have us breathing in polluted air. GPS Auto Solutions in Lodi, CA is doing its part to make sure this community’s vehicles maintain safe emissions. Smog checks are required every two years for vehicles registered in California. If you’re new to the state, than your initial California registration will require a new check, even if you just received one in another state. If it’s that time again for you, there’s no better place to bring your smog check services in this area. Your vehicle will receive a passing grade, or have the exhaust system repairs it needs. Either way, you’ll be driving away safely and confidently, ready for the road and ready for registration. Smog checks are important for individual drivers every two years, but they should never stop being important. It shouldn’t take a new registration or law for drivers to pay attention to their vehicle’s smog production. Protect the environment by improving your vehicle’s exhaust.

Emissions Control Services

Owners don’t have to wait for registration time to receive one of our smog checks. The first people affected by your vehicle’s harmful emissions are you and your passengers. If you notice anything wrong with your exhaust system, like excess smoke, sounds, or smells, then bring your vehicle to us. GPS Auto Solutions understands that your vehicle’s smog check is not only about obeying the law, but it’s also about your health. You should be concerned about your health all year round, we are! That’s why we invite you to our facility at any time for a smog check. Even though we do it without thinking, breathing is our number one priority. Our community’s air will never be compromised as long as we keep performing and receiving quality smog check services. It’s our air, so we’re all in this together!

Schedule Your Smog Check Service

If it’s about that time for another smog check for your vehicle, come to GPS Auto Solutions. Our team specializes in quality exhaust system repairs and emissions control services. Give us a call today at 209-329-7995 to schedule your next smog check service. To save some time, go ahead and schedule your appointment right now. Use our convenient online scheduling system! Pick a day and time that works for you, and we’ll meet you here. Next time you’re in the area, we’re hoping you’ll stop on by meet the local experts. We gladly accept all walk-ins!